Month: August 2015

Mung bean vermicelli with pork, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf (gluten free)

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My kaffir lime shrub is doing very well in the garden this year despite the (relatively) cold & wet winter. So I decided to cook a dish with some kaffir lime leaves. I have some mung bean vermicelli in the pantry. I love mung bean vermicelli – it can be used in so many dishes – prawn hot pot, vegetarian stew, soup… wonderful texture and doesn’t soak up too much sauce. Karfir lime leaves add extra layer of flavor to this noodle dish.

Spicy mung bean vermicelli with pork, lemongrass & kaffir lime leaf (gluten free))

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White cooked chicken with a tangy soy and vinegar sauce (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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When I got off the train from work this evening, I realized that we didn’t have any food in the fridge for dinner. I picked up some chicken thigh fillets and a bunch of shallot from a local grocery store, and walked home to make a quick meal.

When I got home, I first put on the kettle for some hot water; then put on some rice in the rice cooker. I placed the whole chicken fillets in a saucepan with a piece of ginger and a few pinch of salt, poured over the hot water to cover all the pieces, brought it to boil over the stove top, then put the lid on and turned the heat to very low. Off I went to get change out of my work clothes. When I was back in the kitchen, I chopped up some shallot and chili (note1). I heat up a frying pan with some oil, pan fry the shallot & chili with a little sugar & salt (1 minute) –  dinner’s nearly ready.

The chicken was just cooked (approx 15 minutes) – beautifully tender and juicy. I sliced the chicken and mixed the pieces with a dash of soy (use gluten free soy sauce for a gluten free option), a dash of sesame oil, a dash of rice wine vinegar, a dash of white wine. Add the pan fried shallot and chili, garnish with coriander, and dinner was served.

Just one small problem, my hubby was not home yet!

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Green beans and eggs ‘chop suey’ stir fry with oyster sauce (low FODMAP)

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When I was a child, this was a popular dish at our house  – grandmother had a coup of egg laying chicken on the roof top terrace, and green beans were always fresh and cheap. The soft eggs compliments the crunchiness of bean; the oyster sauce enhances the freshness of the beans & eggs. So simple, quick & tasty – goes really well with a small bowl of hot rice.


Green beans and eggs 'chop suey' stir fry with oyster sauce (low FODMAP)

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Asian inspired seafood bisque (gluten free)

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I love bisque – I can’t think of another soup with so much flavors. My seafood bisque has added Asian flavors – lemongrass, chills, ginger, shallot & coriander. The flavor is intense & irresistible.

Asian inspired seafood bisque

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Banana chilies stuffed with lamb, topped with an Asian sauce of oyster, soy and sesame oil (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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I saw some beautiful banana chilies in the local fruit shop & can’t help thinking of this dish –  a popular dish in Southern China with freshwater fish as stuffing. I like to use lamb & cabbage, it goes so well with chilies.

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Cup cakes and lots of cup cakes

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I love making cup cakes. I had made cup cakes for kids birthdays, engagements, election bakes & school fetes – any excuses will do. The funny thing is, my little boy & I do not even like eating cup cakes. That is probably why my hubby is so festively plump.

IMG_1348 cupcakeIMG_1346 cupcake

SONY DSCIMG_1764 cupcake easter

Chocolate meringue biscuits (low FODMAP, gluten free)

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These little biscuits are so good and moreish.

Just received confirmation from Monash that amount of cocoa powder used in this recipe (5g, or 2tsp) is low FODMAP, so I am sharing this recipe as a Low FODMAP. If you on a low FODMAP diet, please take care not to have too many in one go – Monash recommends sugar intake 1 serve = 16g. Enjoy.


Chocolate meringue biscuits (lowfod map gluten free)

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