Month: January 2016

Whole lamb on coal

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We were going to a friend’s place for Australian Day, I was told not to bring any food. NOT BRING FOOD? I AM THE QUEEN OF BRINGING FOOD! ! I am a bit worried … do they not like my food? would we all go hungry ?  However It gave me enormous comfort that we are going to Steve’s house, a ex-head chef of a steak restaurant who has a passion for meat, lot of meat…

Here is what we had for lunch, a whole lamb on coal. Awesome!

Whole lamb on coal


Beef/pork lasagne with silverbeet & chargrilled vegetable sauce

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Although I am well known for my Asian food stall at the school fetes, my signature dish is actually a lasagne. My lasagne is fresh, intense and satisfying. In some small ways, it is different to the others.

Tasty beef lasagne with silverbeet

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Fragrant yellow fried rice (nasi kuning inspired)

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Nasi kuning is an Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric. If you have a rice cooker, my ‘relaxed’ version of fried rice with ready made nasi kuning paste is easy and delicious.

Golden fried rice inspired by nasi kuning

Method is as follow:

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Twice cooked chicken mini drumsticks

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These chicken mini drumsticks are gently cooked in a stock with with Chinese spices,  then pan fried with mushroom soy sauce. Finger licking good !

Twice cooked chicken mini drumsticks with lo sui sauce

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Creamy seafood chowder with a hint of turmeric

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I have loved leather jacket fish since I was a little girl, such beautiful white flesh and it is not too fishy, really good for steaming. This week I walked passed a fish shop and found some really fresh leather jacket fish, but too big to fit into my steamer.  So I made a seafood chowder using leather jacket for stock. Really yummy…

Seafood chowder with clams, prawns, fish

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Home made steamed buns ‘man tou’ 馒头)

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This is a heart warming plain steamed bun that is soft and fluffy when served warm or at room temperature. Great for sandwiching spicy twice cooked pork, or any meaty dishes with strong flavors.

#Mantou - Chinese plain steamed buns


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Twice cooked pork with chili soy bean sauce (Hui Guo Rou 回锅肉)

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This twice cooked pork is aromatic, juicy and can be seriously spicy. My friends told me, as they walked down to my house for dinner, they could smell the cooking from the top of the street. This dish is so tasty and satisfying with a bowl of rice, or a few freshly steamed ‘Man Tou’ (plain steamed buns).

Twice cooked pork with chili bean sauce

I have posted the ‘Man Tou’ recipe here.

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