Beef/pork lasagne with silverbeet & char-grilled vegetable sauce

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Although I am well known for my Asian food stall at the school fetes, my signature dish is actually a lasagne. My lasagne is fresh, intense and satisfying. In some small ways, it is different to the others.

Beef/pork lasagne with silverbeet & chargrilled vegetable sauce

I have a few little secrets to share:

  • I use the Leggo Stir Through Chargrilled Vegetable sauce instead of a standard tomato sauce  (I use 3 bottles for each tray of lasagne)
  • I don’t use a white sauce – instead, I use lots of tasty cheese to lay straight onto the meat sauce at each layer

And here is a  few other minor details if you are interested:

  • Instead of using beef mince – try half beef & half pork mince
  • Make sure the mince are fully cooked before adding the sauce (otherwise it may be chewy)
  • Add vegetables such as silverbeet, corns & peas. If silverbeet is used, boil the vegetable for at lease 20 minutes, otherwise it may have a bitter taste
  • Raise the Stir Through sauce with red wine and pour the liquid into the meat sauce- the meat sauce needs lots of liquid because we are not using the white sauce
  • I have a Macarto pasta making machine, but I found dry lasagne sheets work just fine (and easier); however I do crack the dry lasagne sheets with a sharp knife after laying them
  • While baking, cover the lasage with baking paper and foil for 3/4 of cooking time – this will keep the cheese on top ‘fresh’ while the dry lasagne sheets cooking through
  • After baking, leave the lasagne aside to cool for at lease 30 minutes for the sauce to be further absorbed

Would you like to give it a try?  I am happy to post the full recipe if you give me a yell.




2 thoughts on “Beef/pork lasagne with silverbeet & char-grilled vegetable sauce

    Red Velvet Snow said:
    January 27, 2016 at 1:12 am

    I usually eat your typical lasanga, but this looks so yummy! I love the idea of chargrilled veggie sauce!


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