Month: April 2016

Homemade rice noodles (FODMAP friendly, gluten free )

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The packaged rice noodles (hor fun)  from the fridge sections at Asian supermarkets  typically consist of wheat starch. Here is my gluten free version – it is simple to make and delicious. I also use the same noodle sheets to make steamed noodle rolls with meat.


Recipe is as follows:

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Gnocchi with baby spinach (low FODMAP, gluten free)

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Simple lunch at home with a big bowl of gnocchi, great for an autumn lazy afternoon.

Gnocci with baby spinach, gluten free FODMAP friendly

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Spicy green beans with pork

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This is a simple dish with chili bean paste and pork mince. It can be served in 20 minutes – it is salty, sweet and spicy.

Spicy green beans with pork and chili soy bean paste


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Chilled beef shank with Asian ‘laosui’ 鹵水 spices

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LaoSui is translated literately as ‘old water’. It is a hot brine with variety of spices – cloves, cinnamon bark, fennel, citric peel, Sichuan pepper, star anise, dry ginger and licorice root. LaoSui spices are versatile and frequently used to marinate meat and eggs. For this beef shank recipe, I used pre-packed LaoSui spices from an Asian store.

I picked up the beef shank from an Asian butcher –  I used the ‘little shank’ rather than the ‘big shank’ so it is easier to slice. I like to make a large batch so the ‘LaoSui’ marinate is not wasted – cooked meat can be stored in fridge to enjoy over 2-3 days.

Chilled beef shank with Asian 'LaoSui' spices


Chilled beef shank, sliced
Chilled beef shank, thinly sliced

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Easy pulled pork with mustard and strawberry jam

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Oven bag is fantastic to make pulled pork – it keeps the pork really moist and juicy. Fruits are often used in Korean cooking – fruits provide natural sweetness and tenderize the meat.

My pulled pork shoulder (1.25kg) this week has mustard (1tbs), strawberry jam (2tbs), soy sauce (1tbs), port wine (2tbs) and salt to taste. I put all ingredients in a oven bag, baked in a preheat oven for 30 minutes at 180c, then reduced temperature to 160c for 30 minutes; followed by 100c for 1 hour.

For dinner, I served the pulled pork with cabbage and rice; for lunch the next day, I served the pulled pork in a tortilla with mozzarella cheese, really nice.

Pulled pork with mustard and strawberry jam

Pulled pork tortilla
Pulled pork tortilla


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Egg and ginger soup – Grandmother’s cough remedy (low FODMAP, gluten free)

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Winter is approaching and there are a few flu and coughs going around in Sydney. Instead of using the good old cough syrups, why not try a Chinese remedy that works on the core of the illness?

My grandmother used to make me this egg and ginger soup when I had ‘cool’ coughs – referred to as dry coughs at night when the air is chill. A few bowls of this soup over a few days work like magic.


Grandmother's egg and ginger soup - a cold cough remedy

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Potato and pumpkin cake with rice flour, glutinous rice flour and tapioca flour, filled with cumin lamb (low FODMAP, gluten free)

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I made some gluten free dough with potato and pumpkin for gnocchi and decided not to stop there – lets use some of the dough to make Asian style ‘bing’ (餅). ‘bing’ is a round flat bread often with a meat filling.

This bing is crunchy outside and soft inside credits to the glutinous rice flour.

Potato and lamb cake, FODMAP friendly, gluten free

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