Simple home smoked salmon (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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I can’t say I am an expert of smoking – I only learned about it a year ago from ‘A Food Blog by a Old Fat Guy’. I love this blog from the far away land – as I read, I could smell the forest from the mountains in Canada.

Dreaming of the forests, l bough the closest thing I could find – apple wood chips from Tasmania. I have only a small bag, but it lasted a while. I did 4 lots of smoking with this  – rainbow trout fillets, American ribs, salmon and pork belly.  OMG, so very delicious!

I don’t have a smoker, but I have a super heavy duty 16-quart stainless steel stock pot that can cook ‘waterless’.  It has a adjustable small hole in the lid which is perfect for checking out how much smoke has built up in the pot. I only used a small amount of wood chips which is sufficient for the size of the pot. Fish fillets can be cooked in about 20-30 minutes; meat requires further cooking after 30-40 minutes of smoking, which can be finished off on the BBQ.

I am quite time poor so I don’t use brine. For fish, I rubbed a little sea salt, a little sugar and some oil prior to cooking. For meat, I rubbed my favorite spices, salt and oil.

I like smoked salmon the best – rich, smoky and satisfying, with deliciousness lingering in your month for many hours after the meal.

I served  the smoked salmon with a fennel, carrot and rocket salad, drizzle over a dressing with lemon juice, strawberry jam and sesame oil. I will post the recipe shortly.

Simple home smoked salmon (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

Here is a quick write up of the very simple process:

I use Tasmanian apple fine wood chips. It should only 5 minutes to start giving smoke.


I only use a small amount of fine wood chips (100-150g) which will last for about 30-40 minutes if well controlled. I first lay a piece of foil, then the wood chips on top; I place the pot over high heat (with a lid on); once the wood chips start smoking, I put another piece of foil on top of the wood chips (to catch any drips) before placing the fish.


I then place salmon on a high rack, over hot wood chips that’s already smoking.

Salmon to be smoked (low FODMAP, gluten free)

I use an outdoor BBQ – it has a wok option which is perfect for placing a large pot over it.  For fish, I first use high heat for 10 minutes, then turn it down to medium for further 10 minutes; then I leave the fish to cool in the pot for further 10 minutes.



My 'waterless' stock pot has an adjustable hole in the lid
My ‘waterless’ stock pot has an adjustable hole in the lid

^FODMAPpers – the Monash University recommended portion for a low FODMAP diet is – fish 115g /  beef 125g / pork 125g.  Check the App for most updated information.

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