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One pot meal – Asian spiced sausages and rice

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There was a children’s book I used to read to my little boy, called “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”. A tiger went to Sophie house and ate their dinner. So the dad took Sophie and her mum out to a cafe. They had a lovely supper with sausages, chips and ice cream.

‘How could sausages be lovely?’ I asked myself. Having lived in Australia for 30 years, I am yet to develop a taste for sausages.  The trouble is, my husband loves sausages.

So here is my version of sausages, diced, brown with onion and capsicum, spiced with garam, turmeric and mustard oil, cooked with Basmati rice as a one-pot meal.

One pot meal - sausages with rice, spiced with turmeric, garam masala and mustard oil

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Rice balls with wasabi furikake seasoning

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After a weekend of non-stop eating and drinking, we were keen to have a very simple meal this lovely Monday evening – perhaps some warm rice with a few sprinkle of seasoning.

I cooked the rice in a rice cooker. I used 1 cup of white glutinous rice with 1 cup of medium grain rice. The cooked rice was gently soft but not too sticky. I then rolled some rice into balls, and coated the rice balls with furikake.

I bought my furikake from a local Asian store. I particularly like the one with wasabi flavor. The furikake was made in China which is fine with me as it was very delicious.

A simple meal and no recipe required.

Furikake rice balls

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Rice ‘salad’ with bacon, Chinese mushrooms and peas (gluten free)

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Some weeks ago I tasted ‘okowa'(Japanese glutinous rice) for the first time. There were 5 different type of okowa – red bean,  chestnut, scallop, salmon and gomoko (hijiki & chicken). They were all very tasty. The rice were served at room temperature.

Today it was scorching hot in Sydney at 43 degree celsius. Perfect day to try out a rice ‘salad’ with some glutinous rice. I used 2/3 white medium grain rice and 1/3 black glutinous rice, so it was a lot lighter for a chilled dish.  It was just the right texture, chewy, grainy and not too sticky. I added saute bacon, Chinese mushrooms and peas to the rice.

Rice 'salad' with bacon and Chinese mushroom (gluten free)


Recipe is as follows:

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Sushi terrine with vegetables (low FODMAP, vegan, gluten free)

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A few weeks ago I set off to make a few carrot & vegetable dishes. Here is one of them…

It is made with sushi rice, saute pumpkin with cumin, saute carrot with turmeric, saute capsicum with garam masala and nori sheets.  Sesame seeds were added for extra flavor. The ingredients are layered in a terrine pan, and wrapped with 2 nori sheets.

Vegetable sushi terrine, low FODMAP, vegan, gluten free

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Sticky rice with Chinese sausage and mushroom

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When I was a little girl, sticky rice was such a treat – we would only enjoy it on special occasions such as weddings or festival seasons. It is probably because it takes extra efforts to fry glutinous rice ?

Glutinous (sticky) rice with Chinese mushroom, Chinese sausage and bacon

Recipe is as follows:

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Fragrant yellow fried rice (nasi kuning inspired)

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Nasi kuning is an Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric. If you have a rice cooker, my ‘relaxed’ version of fried rice with ready made nasi kuning paste is easy and delicious.

Golden fried rice inspired by nasi kuning

Method is as follow:

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Simple fried rice of eggs, vegetables and turmeric (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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I made this super easy turmeric fried rice for lunch. So simple, no recipe required.

To serve 2 persons – a quick stir fry of cooked rice (2cups), adding turmeric (2tsp), 2 pre-scrambled eggs, diced green beans (12 beans), julienne carrot (1/2 carrot), sliced lettuce (1 cup) and a little chopped chilies, seasoned with pinch of salt.

Tips – add the lettuce last to keep it crunchy.

Fried rice eggs, vegetables and turmeric fodmap fodmapfriendly glutenfree