Bakes (traditional)

Election day bake – my cup cakes

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At my little boy’s school, teachers and kids sell cakes together on  election days. I love the looks in the kids’ eyes  when I bring up my cup cakes – the oohhs and aahhhs make me & my little boy super proud.

Here are my contribution to the cake stall this year – 6 dozens of cup cakes.

Cups cakes for election bakes 1

Cups cakes for election bakes 2

Cups cakes for election bakes 3

Morrocan spiced lamb and pumpkin puffs

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Here is another pie/pastry filling I made this week. I used the spiced lamb with pumpkin in mini pies, puff triangles and round puffs. The mini pies and puff triangles looked immaculate (and hence uninteresting). The round puffs, however, was bursting with the beautiful lamb and pumpkin, looked so delicious and tasty so good.

Moroccan and cumin lamb and pumkin puffs

Recipe is as follows:

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Beef/pork lasagne with silverbeet & chargrilled vegetable sauce

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Although I am well known for my Asian food stall at the school fetes, my signature dish is actually a lasagne. My lasagne is fresh, intense and satisfying. In some small ways, it is different to the others.

Tasty beef lasagne with silverbeet

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Cup cakes and lots of cup cakes

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I love making cup cakes. I had made cup cakes for kids birthdays, engagements, election bakes & school fetes – any excuses will do. The funny thing is, my little boy & I do not even like eating cup cakes. That is probably why my hubby is so festively plump.

IMG_1348 cupcakeIMG_1346 cupcake

SONY DSCIMG_1764 cupcake easter

Chocolate meringue biscuits (low FODMAP, gluten free)

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These little biscuits are so good and moreish.

Just received confirmation from Monash that amount of cocoa powder used in this recipe (5g, or 2tsp) is low FODMAP, so I am sharing this recipe as a Low FODMAP. If you on a low FODMAP diet, please take care not to have too many in one go – Monash recommends sugar intake 1 serve = 16g. Enjoy.


Chocolate meringue biscuits (lowfod map gluten free)

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Cherry Ricotta Tart / Crumble

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I have to confess, the only reason I have a picture of a crumble here, was that I dropped my Cherry Tart!  It is yummy regardless.  This recipe is a variation of the Golden Apricot Almond Tart.

Cheery Ricotta Tart

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Golden Apricot and Almond Tart

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I love tarts, but often found the shop bought ones too hard & cold.  I add to my tarts ricotta for tenderness, almond meal for comfort, and jam for extra homeliness.

Apricot tart (small rectangle)

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