Desserts (traditional)

Nutella cheese cake, layered

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Last Saturday we had a few families over for lunch. I was busy all week and didn’t have time to prepare a cake. I decided to make one of my easiest cake – layered cheese cake with Nutella hazelnut cocoa.

So simple, you don’t even need a recipe.

First, I prepared the cake mix with 2 packs of Betty Crocker vanilla cake, boosted with a cup of almond meal  and a cup of desiccated coconut to make it more dense and moist. I baked the cakes in 2 rectangle trays so the cakes were nice and flat. I then freeze the cakes overnight before I cut then into 1cm thickness slices, lengthwise.

The next day I used a mixer to combine 4 x 250g packages of Philadelphia cream cheese (at room temperature),  3-4 tablespoonful of Nutella, 4-5 tablespoonful of sugar and a dash of kumquat juice. Then I assembled the layered cake – a layer of cake, a layer of Nutella cream cheese mixture.  Then I covered the sides with more Nutella cream cheese.  I shaved some dark chocolate on top as decoration. I returned the cake to fridge for a few hours before serving.

I love this cake – easy to make, not as heavy as a cheese cake, but still moist, dense and satisfying.

Nutella cheese cake, layered

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Election day bake – my cup cakes

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At my little boy’s school, teachers and kids sell cakes together on  election days. I love the looks in the kids’ eyes  when I bring up my cup cakes – the oohhs and aahhhs make me & my little boy super proud.

Here are my contribution to the cake stall this year – 6 dozens of cup cakes.

Cups cakes for election bakes 1

Cups cakes for election bakes 2

Cups cakes for election bakes 3

Kids fun – cooking

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‘Have you loaded up my food pictures yet?’ my little boy asked again today. The neighbors kids were over a few weeks ago and we had a cooking competition. I laid out some easy ingredients in the kitchen and off they went with the great focus and dedication – their food looked awesome.

Chocolate meringue biscuits (low FODMAP, gluten free)

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These little biscuits are so good and moreish.

Just received confirmation from Monash that amount of cocoa powder used in this recipe (5g, or 2tsp) is low FODMAP, so I am sharing this recipe as a Low FODMAP. If you on a low FODMAP diet, please take care not to have too many in one go – Monash recommends sugar intake 1 serve = 16g. Enjoy.


Chocolate meringue biscuits (lowfod map gluten free)

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Chocolate, coconut, sesame and dates balls (gluten free, vegan)

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As a part time working mum dashing between workplace and school drop offs & pick ups, some days I don’t time for breakfast or lunch. This is a tasty treat that can really enhance energy level.

So simple – you can add your other favorite dried fruits; and make a large batch and freeze them.

Chocolate & dates balls (gluten free)

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Cherry Ricotta Tart / Crumble

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I have to confess, the only reason I have a picture of a crumble here, was that I dropped my Cherry Tart!  It is yummy regardless.  This recipe is a variation of the Golden Apricot Almond Tart.

Cheery Ricotta Tart

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Golden Apricot and Almond Tart

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I love tarts, but often found the shop bought ones too hard & cold.  I add to my tarts ricotta for tenderness, almond meal for comfort, and jam for extra homeliness.

Apricot tart (small rectangle)

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