Entrees (traditional)

Chicken and apricot terrine, with ham fat, raisin, strawberry jam, thyme and bay leaf

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Last Saturday my 10 year old boy bought a ham for the homeless feed out of his own pocket money. He and his dad sliced up the ham and left a pile of ham fat behind.

This Saturday was the Christmas dinner for our homeless friends.  So I made this colorful chicken terrine with left over ham fat. I also added apricot, raisin, saute onion, corn kennel, cumin powder, cinnamon powder, thyme, bay leaf, strawberry jam, salt and black pepper.

Looks and tasted great, and so easy and cheap to make.

Chicken and apricot terrine, with raisin, strawberry jam, thyme and bay leaf

Chicken and apricot terrine, with raisin, strawberry jam, thyme and bay leaf

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Beef and rice rissoles (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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Sometime we crave for a tasty meal that is also gentle on our tummies. Rissoles are simple to make, satisfying and may offer many varieties. My rissoles today has beef, rice, potato, carrot, egg and cheddar cheese – just ‘glue’ everything together, dust with rice flour and pan fry, no recipe required 🙂

Beef rissoles with potato, rice and cheese, fodmap friendly, gluten free, IBS

Parmesan eggplant with cayenne pepper and panko

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My husband likes most food except for tomatoes and eggplants. So I was determined to try out a few more eggplant dishes – may be he will change his mind?

This following eggplant dish was moderately successful as the eggplant was firm, crunchy and full of flavor. It is really simple to make – diced eggplant coated with olive oil, Parmesan cheese and cayenne pepper;  add a lightly beaten egg and coat the pieces well; then coat the pieces with panko and season with salt and pepper;  grill under a hot grill for 10-15 minutes, turn over a few times.

My hubby ate only a few pieces which was fantastic –  it means more for me. I really enjoyed it.

Parmesan eggplant with cayenne pepper, panko crumbs



Morrocan spiced lamb and pumpkin puffs

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Here is another pie/pastry filling I made this week. I used the spiced lamb with pumpkin in mini pies, puff triangles and round puffs. The mini pies and puff triangles looked immaculate (and hence uninteresting). The round puffs, however, was bursting with the beautiful lamb and pumpkin, looked so delicious and tasty so good.

Moroccan and cumin lamb and pumkin puffs

Recipe is as follows:

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Cucumber rolls with lamb, capsicum and eggs (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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These gorgeous little rolls are so easy to make – scramble a egg with a pinch of salt; pan fry some lamb and red capsicum with a dash of gluten free soy sauce and sesame oil; boil  some rice and cool; slice some cucumber lengthwise (use a peeler);  roll some rice with the egg, lamb and capsicum in the middle very tightly with cling wrap then cut into portion with a sharp knife; wrap a piece of sliced cucumber around the rice roll – and there it goes, pretty and tasty.

Cucumber rolls with lamb, capsicum and eggs (FODMAP, gluten free)