Bacon rice salad

Rice ‘salad’ with bacon, Chinese mushrooms and peas (gluten free)

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Some weeks ago I tasted ‘okowa'(Japanese glutinous rice) for the first time. There were 5 different type of okowa – red bean,  chestnut, scallop, salmon and gomoko (hijiki & chicken). They were all very tasty. The rice were served at room temperature.

Today it was scorching hot in Sydney at 43 degree celsius. Perfect day to try out a rice ‘salad’ with some glutinous rice. I used 2/3 white medium grain rice and 1/3 black glutinous rice, so it was a lot lighter for a chilled dish.  It was just the right texture, chewy, grainy and not too sticky. I added saute bacon, Chinese mushrooms and peas to the rice.

Rice 'salad' with bacon and Chinese mushroom (gluten free)


Recipe is as follows:

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