Grilled beef, Asian style

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My little boy’s school has a spring fair in a couple of months. I will be running an Asian food stall to raise money for the school. Last year we put on over a thousand pieces of finger food, along with noodles, fried rice & cold dishes (‘LiangBan’). The stall started at 10:30am and we sold out most food before 12pm. Many of my friends didn’t get to try our food.

So this year I am planning for more food.. an Asian style BBQ sounds like a good option. I have been experimenting different style of BBQ – Vietnamese grilled pork  (nem nuong), northwestern Chinese lamb cumin, Korean chili chicken. Today I tried a grilled beef with soy, fish sauce, sesame oil, corn syrup and apricot jam. As you may have noticed from the pictures, I used coriander, which is uncommon for Korean food. But I love coriander so much and I can’t help it.

I served the beef on a crusty roll with lettuce and kim chi.  I also served the beef on its own. Really yummy.

Grilled beef, Asian style

Recipe is as follows:

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Korean BBQ

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At work, I sit next to a Korean lady who told me about this specialty Korean butcher at Homebush (Sydney) with marinated ready-to-BBQ meat.  Today was my day off and I managed to leave all the chores behind, drove 15km to visit the butcher. I picked up three different kind of marinated meat – beef knuckle bulgogi, grain fed pork steak and chili pork. At home, I already marinated some thinly sliced beef topside over night. I can wait to taste them all.

The picture speaks for itself – all so yummy !