Chicken lasksa

Curry laksa with white cooked chicken

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I left China to study in Australia in late 1980s. When I was in University, I worked in an Asian restaurant during some evenings, waiting at tables together with a lovely young lady called Linda. Linda was from Malaysia, a medical student at University of New South Wales. Petite, quiet and super intelligent, Linda had a wonderful personality with gentleness and calm. She always listened patiently to my grunts and dropped a few humorous comments from time to time. One day, she went to the kitchen and made us Malaysian curry laksa for supper. The laska was very different to the Thai version I had at various restaurant. When I was enjoying the laksa, I  felt that I really missed home, not my own, but Linda’s home at Malaysia, and it was a wonderful feeling.

Curry laksa with white cooked chicken

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