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Traditional Chinese watercress and bone broth 西洋菜汤 (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)

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Something was always plenty in Southern China where I grew up – rain, rain and rain. And not surprisingly, watercress was always fresh and cheap. My grandmother loved to cook watercress broth – she boiled the vegetables for hours with lots of pork bones.

Here is my version of a refreshing watercress broth – no recipe required.

1-1.5kg of pork bones, a quick boil to clean them up; then put the bones in a pressure cooker with the stems of a bundle of the watercress (need to be washed thoroughly, reserve the green tops), 1-2 cut-up carrots and 2 dried dates (skip the dates for a FODMAP friendly option). If you like, a few pieces of dried lotus root (skip for a FODMAP friendly option) –  cook for 15-20 minutes on high pressure – and the broth is done. Season with some salt and pepper.

For the other half of the watercress – the nice green tops, boil the watercress quickly in hot water (approx 1 minute); serve with the broth.

If you like to be an old fashion Chinese for once – chew the meat off bones, it is delicious.

Traditional Chinese watercress and bone broth 西洋菜汤 (FODMAP friendly, gluten free)