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Nutella cake, layered

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Last Saturday we had a few families over for lunch. I was busy all week and didn’t have time to prepare a cake. I decided to make one of my easiest cake – layered cheese cake with Nutella hazelnut cocoa.

So simple, you don’t even need a recipe.

First, I prepared the cake mix with 2 packs of Betty Crocker vanilla cake, boosted with a cup of almond meal  and a cup of desiccated coconut to make it more dense and moist. I baked the cakes in 2 rectangle trays so the cakes were nice and flat. I then freeze the cakes overnight before I cut then into 1cm thickness slices, lengthwise.

The next day I used a mixer to combine 4 x 250g packages of Philadelphia cream cheese (at room temperature),  3-4 tablespoonful of Nutella, 4-5 tablespoonful of sugar and a dash of kumquat juice. Then I assembled the layered cake – a layer of cake, a layer of Nutella cream cheese mixture.  Then I covered the sides with more Nutella cream cheese.  I shaved some dark chocolate on top as decoration. I returned the cake to fridge for a few hours before serving.

I love this cake – easy to make, not as heavy as a cheese cake, but still moist, dense and satisfying.

Nutella cheese cake, layered

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