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Fried duck eggs, with green shallot and dark soy sauce (FODMAP friendly, gluten free option)

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An Italan man at my husband’s work keeps a few ducks in his back yard. He gave us some fresh eggs last week. The eggs reminded me a $20 fried egg dish I had at a posh Asian restaurant, garnished with plenty of green shallot and dark soy sauce.

‘I can cook that’, I said to myself.   It was easy,  I cracked an egg, deep fried it (with the help of a ladle / sieve) in hot oil with some green shallot (scallion); then transferred the egg to a plate, splashed a little dark soy sauce on top.  It looked colorful and delicious.

* Use the green part of the scallion for a FODMAP friendly version; use a gluten free soy sauce for a gluten free option.

Fried duck egg with green shallot and dark soy sauce

Fried duck eggs with green shallot and dark soy sauce



Sambal eggs with vegetables, drizzled with a tangy son-in-law sauce

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There was a fete in my little boy’s school and I made some of these for the Asian food stall. It was a fusion of sambal eggs & son-in-law eggs – spicy, tangy, sweet, salty and delicious.

Sambal eggs with son in law

Recipe is as follow: Read the rest of this entry »