About me

Hello, I am Rebecca. I live in Sydney with my happy chubby husband and our gorgeous little boy who loves to cook ‘cookie cakes’.


Growing up in China in the early 70s, we lived on limited resources – meat, fish, cooking oil and rice were rationed. We lived in a dark and run down terrace house with my grandmother, three uncles, an aunt and their families. My grandmother cooked for the whole household. She raised a coup of chicken for eggs on the roof top to supplement the food ration.

Since I was a little girl,  grandma took me to the market as her  helper. I lined up at the meat stand while she lined up for vegetables. In the afternoons when the market was closing, grandma and I went back to collect abandoned vegetables fed our chickens. While chopping the vegetables, grandma told me the stories about my grandfather, an engineer happily swept the factory floor during the culture revolution; stories about a brave little boy, my father, took on the responsibility of neighborhood watch during the Japan-Sino war; and stories of how my father met my mother while was on a blind date with my mum’s closely cousin.

Today, I enjoy food and cooking for my family & friends. The best food I cook are the ones for sharing.