About me

Hello, I am Rebecca. I was born in Southern China and moved to Australian in the late 80s. I lived in Sydney with my happy chubby husband and our gorgeous little boy who loves to cook ‘cookie cakes’.

Growing up in China in early 70s means we lived on very limited resources.1402-rebecca  Meat, fish, cooking oil and rice were rationed. There were always long lines in the local food markets for other essentials. We lived in a dark and run down terrace house with my grandmother, 3 of my uncles, an aunt and their families. My grandmother was the cook for the whole household, and she raised a coup of chicken for eggs on the roof top to supplement the food ration. When I was a little child, during the day grandma took me to the market, I lined up at the meat stand while she went to buy vegetables. Each afternoon when the market was closing, grandma and I went back to collect some abandoned vegetables, chopped them up, and fed the chickens. While chopping vegetables, grandma told me many stories – stories about my grandfather, an engineer, happily swept the factory floor during the culture revolution; the brave little boy, my father, who was the neighborhood watch during the war; and how my father met my mother. Grandma worked very hard. At the end of each day, she asked me to drum her back to ease her back pain. From a very young age, I dreamed of growing up, earn lots of money, so I could give her a scrumptious banquet with 10 courses. I never had the opportunity to realize that dream.

Today, I enjoy cooking for my family & share delicious food with friends. I love dinner parties and always accommodate for everyone  – picky eaters, vegetarians, super spicy taste buds and severe intolerance.  This means I cook a large range of food, all cooked in genuine home style, with love and a few glasses of wine.

Low FODMAP diet recipes

A few friends are on low FODMAP diet. Growing up in Southern China, cooking FODMAP friendly food is quite natural for me. I stated to develop recipes while I was cooking for my friends.

According to Monash University who developed the diet, a low FODMAP diet may assist the management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). More resource on the diet can be found on Monash University’s website. A re-introduction following a short period of strict diet is a important step of this diet.

On this blog, my recipes marked as ‘low FODMAP’ are portion controlled in accordance with the Monash University Low FODMAP diet. The recipes marked as ‘FODMAP friendly’ are designed to share with friends and more relax with the portion.

Meals for the homeless 

On Saturdays I cook dinners for the homeless community.  My typical meals are juicy meat dishes, noodles, fried rice and dumplings. Check out these budget recipes here https://delishhomecook.com/category/meals-for-the-homeless/

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