Ginseng soup

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Some weeks ago I posted a Chinese herbal soup called ‘QinBuLiang’, translated as ‘refreshing, nurturing and cooling’. As you can figured out from its translation, QinBuLiang is a summer stress remedy – not often used during cold weather.

This week the weather in Sydney suddenly turned. Autumn is finally here with chill evenings and nights. I can visualize the Cantonese families pulling out their stock pots, cooking herbal soups to enhance ‘chi’. One of the great remedy for restoring energy in autumn is a ginseng soup.  For autumn, I like to use the American ginseng (Hua Qi Shen 花旗参) which is not too intense, a good balance for yin and yang in the body.

The soup is very simple to make once you have the soup base and meat. The soup base I used is called Hua Qi Shen Dun Ji (picture below), and I used pork rib (500g) with this soup. First quickly the meat and rinse under cold water; then cook all ingredients in a pressure cooker for 45 minutes (2-3 hours on a cook top); add salt and ready to serve.

On cool days, I often like my soup in a cup – it gives me that simplest pleasure of warm hands.

Ginseng soup

Ginseng soup
Ginseng soup mix

See below for the ginseng soup base package (available in Asian stores).

The soup base is called ‘Hua Qi Shen Dun Ji’ translates as American ginseng with chicken.  It has American ginseng (花旗参), lotus seeds, goji berries, Chinese yam (淮山), fox nuts (芡实), Astragalus root (黄芪) and dried longan fruit.

GinSeng soup base
Ginseng soup base

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