Sambal eggplant with dried shrimp

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The best eggplant dish I have ever tasted was a sambal belacan stir fry. It was made by a casual cook at a restaurant that I worked as a waitress over 20 years ago. Somehow the sambal belacan eggplant made such a impression, nowaday I can still visualize this cranky middle age Chinese-Malay man whose name I could not recall, cooking the eggplant in front a big wok – the aroma was absolutely unbelievable.

Here is my milder version of a sambal eggplant. It is really simple – dust the eggplant pieces with potato starch; pan fry  some of your favorite chili paste and a spoonful of dried shrimps with plenty of cooking oil; add the eggplant; a spoonful of fried shallot (optional) ; a dash of oyster sauce; a dash of sesame oil; a dash of Chinese wine; toss toss toss until the eggplant is cooked through; a dash of dark soy sauce for the deep rich color; toss toss toss and dinner is served.

For a smooth texture, mix 1 tsp corn flour with 6 tsp of water, add to the dish at the last stage of cooking.

Sambal eggplant with dried shrimp




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